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Robert Ross Fine Art Gallery

bobrossMy art career started quite by accident. I owned a company and hired an ad agency to help me with promotion. Part of the job required them to take advertising photos of our building and our workers. When I saw the photos I was very disappointed and told the agency how I felt. It was suggested that I take the photos myself and show the agency photographer what I wanted. I took the photos and my partner and I decided that they were just what we wanted and used them in our ad campaign. Shortly thereafter we sold the business and the ad agency asked me if I wanted to work for them. Thinking it would be fun and challenging I began my career as a photographer… Read More



The “Celebration Wild” series is dedicated to preservation of all endangered animals for future generations. My hope is that my series will instill a sense of wonder and appreciation in you. Please join me in support of the following groups that actively work preserving our natural habitats.

Environmental Defense Fund
National Wildlife Fund

The Wilderness Society
Defenders of Wildlife

World Wildlife Fund
Sierra Club


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